Efficiënte en inspirerende huisvesting

Activity Based Working (ABW) is a new technology-based approach redefining how today’s office
worker can interface with his or her work. It is based on the core values of flexibility, accessibility,
effectiveness and sustainability in order to bring efficiencies to the work process. Major corporations
all around the world, including the BBC, Google, Microsoft , Rabobank and Interpolis, have already
discovered ABW; it is the most advanced and efficient approach for office operations today,
regardless of the size of the organization.

The layout of the office environment has always been and continues to be a result of the most current
technology available to the employer. The earliest office environments were based on one worker
assigned to one workspace, with a typewriter, a pad of paper, files and a filing cabinet. With
advancements brought on by the digital revolution, laptops, Smartphone’s, tablets, wireless networks,
mobile internets, and most recently Cloud computing, there has been a redefinition of how we work,
where we work and when we work.

Flexibility and Accessibility:
With data and information becoming accessible everywhere and at any time, office workers no longer
have to sit at an assigned workspace to access their work tasks. The physical workspace, the office
worker and the office task have all become flexible and mobile. Now, anytime during the working day,
office workers can choose any location as a workplace to access their work, their colleagues and
their customers.