Efficiënte en inspirerende huisvesting

At every milestone of the design’s development, Office DNA will run
workshops, make presentations and have roundtable discussion to
obtain the feedback of you and your team and incorporate this
feedback into the final design. Office DNA can even assist with
providing solutions for phased interim swing spaces to accommodate
the uninterrupted functioning of your operations during the construction
stage. Office DNA will then assist you in tendering the approved design
and oversee the construction administration stage of the project to
produce your completed ABW office.

Each organization is unique; its processes, people, culture and vision
form a unique identifying combination similar to a DNA code. As an
architectural firm specializing in Activity Based Working (ABW), Office
DNA recognizes the unique qualities and needs of your organization,
and will provide a customized approach to provide you with tailor made
solutions to achieve your goals.

In the role of the Client representative and your sole source of contact,
Office DNA will lead a design team – including architects, engineers,
interior designers, security specialists, audio visual consultants, IT
specialists, graphic designers, solid media artists and craftsmen – to
develop your new ABW office. Based on the ABW project experience
inherent in Office DNA, together we can review a wide range of
products and ideas, and solicit the input of numerous industry partners
to help you make the optimal choices for your needs.