Efficiënte en inspirerende huisvesting

Office DNA is a Dutch consulting firm that specializes in creating new workspace 
environments for office-based organizations by utilizing the concepts of Activity Based Working (ABW).

Office DNA is regularly approached by Client organizations asking questions, such as:

How can we ….

• create efficient and functional workspaces based on the principles of ABW?
• translate our organization’s vision and mission statement into a built environment?
 adapt our existing office space to utilize ABW?
• accommodate our employees with the work processes of our facilities?
• economize our facility rental, leasing and operating costs and minimize future expansion costs?
• enhance our work environment to retain our staff and attract the best talent available in the market?
 lead our field of business by developing a system of productivity based on results?
• inspire our team with ABW to take pride in their work and our organization?

Possessing an experience base of over 50 interior office-retrofit projects utilizing ABW, the Office DNA team can assist Client organizations in developing efficient, productive, sustainable, tangible and cost-effective answers to these questions.